Friday, 16 November 2012



hurmmmm my weekness,,i dont know how to start intro of my entry,,huhu.. nevermind..

one of my favorite thing to do is watching korean drama. it does not care either i watch it via online, in television or in my collection that i save in my laptop. it can be said that i growing up with all this drama. i can still remember that i started watch the drama in primary school. and i don't know why untill nowdays my interest to this drama never stop...haishhh....   -_-

my first drama that i follow is Winter Sonata

this drama give a big impact to the fans all over the world. the story line is interesting and it can be said a sad drama,, no,,it is a sad drama.. T_T

after this drama explode so fast,,there are a lot of new drama coming out. another drama that give a big impact is Autumn In My Heart
this is also a sad drama and sad ending, huhu....T_T

not all korean drama is a sad drama,, there is a lot of humor drama as well. for example i can choose is My Girl.this story is quiet interesting and funny as well.
and my favorite drama is He Is Beautiful. i just dont know why i just love this drama so very much. i  already watching it for more than three times,,and every semester break i will not miss to watch it. *aigoo...

last but not least,,currently i am following this drama - Arang and The Magistrate 
this story is happened in Choosun Dynasty. i hope this drama will not disappointing me because i still not done watch it yet. ^__^

hurmmm i still have a lot of drama to share and review,,but it might be need another entry..huhu may be i will come with part ii or part iii...hehe..

thats all,,tq 4 reading

source  : google, youtube