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review : SKYFALL


today i just think want to share and review a movie. to Bond's fans this is just personal views...peacee....^^

Among Bond trilogy starring Daniel Craig, Skyfall may be of interest once to watch. This time, the story closer to self Bond brought so much viewers searching lateral side of Bond never told in the film Bond film before. Skyfall no more no less, but overall, this film directed by Sam Mendes still interesting to watch. For viewers who always ask, how Bond without MI6, this story you must watch!

In this film, you do not expect is to obtain an opportunity to watch the film as the film Bond films earlier. Bond girls are not important in this movie. In fact, M itself is actually Bond girl in the movie. Why? Watch yourself. Throw the experience of watching Bond Pierce Brosnan version or the version reboot starting with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace followed. No Bond action adventure that tested physically featured in this film. The film is a lot of drama. Believe me for who want action, you might be a little bored!

but, tired for that may not understand about what actually Skyfall trying highlighted. This story brings a new villain! Yes, of course, if common Bond movie, right? But, uniquely, this movie is not about story telling Bond only. It is an honor for the film character M as well. You will notice a great loyalty tested mentally Bond when M took action to assistant firing early time target scene!

M developed story! Not far away another mission, this time M own past come to haunt London. MI6 base bombed forcing all operations moved to a bunker. That was how, little by little investigation Bond, whose return to save MI6 found with an M know. An agent who took revenge on a mission that is not done on a previous occasion.

Do not expect any action that is too vigorous action in this movie. In fact, the film ends with a scene that is very simple and straightforward enough. The evil is not difficult to die in this movie. In fact, nasty tu can you have a good team again. Simple game but plot twist, punctuated with revenge, betrayal and loyalty that makes personal Skyfall brings Bond look closer. We know who Bond actually from here!

With Q a young nerd and do not like Q that appears in the Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan before a later age, the new lease of life in the era of Bond himself. Q character that computer savvy deemed interesting to watch. Unfortunately for those who want to watch the great gadgets like Bond movie before, do not expect. Bond nothing in this film. Only himself just to help the enemy M coming from the past.

Honestly, this is the beginning of the film shows the trademark Bond! I love it!. Opening we've been treated to action chase in Istanbul Bond style. Although I feel that the only long action in this film, this film drama drama then punctuated moments M that face black after MI6 base bombed. It seemed the first time starring Judi Dench M character brought to the center and prioritized. There's a reason why the story of M and the story goes back to carry, you have to watch to know it.

Skyfall is Bond's personal are brought to the other side. No Bond girl who featured highly in this film. In fact, much of what is featured Bond loyalty to M Sam Mendes seems to treat this story with the world one more M and M Bond more of the story with his own Bond girl. Thus, the third series of Bond reboot version starting with Casino Royale has provided a new perspective in the world of modern Bond.

What I can tell, Skyfall introduce more creative Q! And also MoneyPenny, characters that do not appear in the last two Bond films, will appear. Do not associate with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Yes, the two are related, but this one, standing on its own. With personal to slide the M and Bond himself, Skyfall MMG story full of drama and less action. Less action? Must not best, right? Look before kejutannya. Even so, Skyfall stood as a precursor to the world of film Bond new and vibrant in his movies to the next 24!

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