Saturday, 17 November 2012

once upon a time


# this entry is dedicate to my form 6 friends...

most of my school memory i just love my form six moment. i don't know why, may be in that time there not so many student,just 37 of us in two classes so we quite close each other. we spent almost one and half year togather, doing activities togather, being scold by teacher togather and many more. the moment i will not forget forever when we were trying to cook in the class at school, at last our teachers know it and scolded us....hahaha... it will be sweet moment for us...

 the president / chairman of the f.6 club..^^


 all of us

 togather during 'raya'

 all of us again = formal

i just miss this moment so much,,but the time cannot go back at this time
we have to go on with our nowdays live and make it as valuable moment.
i just hopping this friendship is not break up easily..
until we meet again.....