Friday, 16 November 2012



right another thing i love to do is surfing internet,, go to youtube and search for favorite video. for myself i more prefer to vlog video.

Vlog is stand for video blog. in other words vlog is form a blog by using video as its medium.

there are so many vloggers trying to create their own name in youtube. some of them are very good and have their own quality but some of them not so very good and need more improvement.

and for myself i have my own favorite vlogger. just take a look my top five favorite vlogger.. ^__^
lets countdown it together....wohoaa....

# 5    AIMAN AZLAN (
ok for number five i choose aiman azlan. i choose him because his video quite knowledgeable. sometime his is also quite religious. it is seldom to find someone try to preach in casual mood and Aiman did it. it is cool ok and we can easily get what he wants to convey.

#4     SHARIN COOL ( )
number four i choose sharin cool. actually i just newly know about him because i just found his video. and i start falling with him...haha... he is still young, but even at young age he has a lot of idea to be sharing. 

#3     FARADYABLE ( )
ok next is  faradyable. he is no like common vlogger. his video more to voice over vidoe. what can i say his voice over video is so so you can just search his video when you are in under pressure.. haha...

#2     AMAN WAN ( )
number two goes to Aman Wan. ok i love him because he is cool and cute as well...lalala~~...haha. nope, his blog is interesting. he always use current issue to make a video. he has his own style and no copycat with others. even famous artist sometime use his trademark. wohoaa..

#1     MARIA ELENA  ( )
and number one goes to ahak Maria Elena. ok i should not be biased. Maria Elena is really really famous amous blogger and vlogger. but i have to include her because she is the only one female vlogger that i know.huhu or maybe she is the only one. she is very cool ok. she is very 'selumber', she just don't mind anything, not being controlling herself like other girls. I JUST LOVE MARIA ELENA... wohoaa....

ok beside vlogger that i have listed down,,there is a lot of more vlogger. i decide to not include MAT LUTHFI and ANWAR HADI because they are really famous and have a lot of follower. and don't forget with KYO PROPAGANDA, VAN DEANVAR and others...

p/s i just realize that most of the vlogger comes from northen..'orang utagha mmg best..' haha

that all,,see you then.......